Status on Kenny Omega

credit NJPW


There have been a lot of questions concerning Kenny Omega and his status with New Japan since he took to social media on Twitter mentioning that he is taking some time off from New Japan to basically focus on his future so to speak.

Kenny’s contract does not end till the end of January 2017. So the speculation from all and the tweets from John Cena showing pics of Kenny on his own Twitter account have started quite a rising as of late.

Odds of him entering the Rumble due to his NJPW contract not ending yet are slim to non. However, after the contract is over could be what people are stirring over. Cena’s tweets of Omega recently give strong notion that Kenny may wind up with WWE in some fashion.

Cena obviously likes Omega and vice versa as Omega has stated his respect for Cena on all he has done not just for WWE, but for Pro Wrestling as a whole in general.

Omega lost his battle against Okada for the IWGP Championship and his future as of late is uncertain. This can just be a social media buildup for what is next to come. But John Cena social media promoting of Omega leads many to believe they know something we don’t as in past talks Kenny has mentioned he has had no interest in going to WWE, but of course that at any time can change since his fellow wrestlers at one point left NJPW for the WWE.

What is in store for the Elite of the Bullet Club? The next coming weeks will land several shots so to speak into the destination of Omega.