Pagano coming to GFW


Pagano, one of the many star Luchadores of the AAA promotion out of Mexico is set to make his debut soon on U.S television for Global Force Impact.

Global Force as of recent months has been bringing in many talents from different promotions as it was shown from Noah, AAA, Lucha Underground, and other independent promotions throughout the Country.

Stars of Global Force were seen in AAA’s Triple-mania xxv. The PPV was also seen live for free to its Twitch subscribers. This we feel was a fantastic way for AAA to reach a more global audience so to speak and a way for it to showcase the talent it has within its promotion.

Many either forgot or do not realize that Jeff Jarrett has been both friend and business associate working with AAA for many years, so this would explain the influx of talent being shared within both organizations. Johnny Mundo for example FKA known as Morrison in WWE, for past few years now has been in Lucha Underground and is their current champ. Now Mundo in AAA since Triple-mania is now a 3 Title champ. Holding The AAA Mega Championship.

We feel that things as this will only help the landscape of Professional Wrestling and keep it going for the future. It was only several months ago that TNA was going to close it doors forever with many waiting for its demise, then poof Jarrett emerges as he was its creator and takes his new parent company Global force, some investors, and the network hosting them Anthem sports, and saves the company forming it into the new GFW with their flagship show still being impact.

This gives not just the Professional Wrestlers themselves another avenue to show their talent, but also the fans to have another alternative to what they feel was already stale and a fail in so called sports entertainment.  The more avenues and choices, the more we have to watch and choose we love to watch.