PWI releases its TOP 10 out of the 500 list


PWI has just released their Top 10 wrestlers out of the list of 500. Number one on the list is Kazichika Okada.

Okada of NJPW fame has set New Japan by storm and has been an innovator in the eyes of many. He proved himself by Winning the IWGP World Title in 2016 until one year later in 2017.  His matches with Omega were some of the best in not just the promotion, but the sports history in recent times. Other Japanese Wrestlers have in the past Twenty years held the number three to number five spot on the Top ten list.

Okada now marked as the very first Japanese wrestler to be the number one spot on the list. He has been in the Top Ten itself for four of the past five years.  When told of the honor he had just received with PWi he responded with.

“What this award signifies is that wrestling fans and media worldwide are thinking about what promotion and what wrestler deserves their attention, and the answer is Okada,” he told Senior Writer Dan Murphy. “It’s an indication that finally the world at large is realizing just how great Japanese wrestlers and Japanese wrestling is, and that’s special.”

Here is the rest of the Top ten list as follows.

  1. Kazuchika Okada
  2. A.J. Styles
  3. Kevin Owens
  4. Roman Reigns
  5. Kenny Omega
  6. Shinsuke Nakamura
  7. Dean Ambrose
  8. Samoa Joe
  9. Bobby Roode
  10. The Miz