This name in the WWE Hall of Fame? So soon?

It was broke through the Wrestling Observer news letter that next year, 2018, a certain name may possibly headline that days event.

A name that many think is way to soon to be headed into that Hall of Fame since he last performed for the WWE not to long ago and participated at Wrestlemania. No it is NOT the Undertaker, whom many feel should be the one to headline next years WWE Hall of Fame. Undertaker has definitely deserved it even though just last Wrestlemania loosing not just the match but ending his streak. Does this mean Undertaker is not done yet with WWE? We don’t know, many Wrestlers have entered the Hall of Fame and still in recent years partook in WWE festivities or actions inside a WWE ring.

The name at hand is for not just the HOF but to headline the event ………is……………Batista!??

While we do not know if this is true or not as of now it is purely speculation.