Triple H talks Rousey, May Young Classic on ESPN


Triple H sat down with ESPN to talk about current happenings within the WWE. Several subjects were talked about including the so called status and rumors of Rhonda Rousey training to perform in WWE. Currently her friend and MMA fighter Shayla Baszler is in the May Young Classic as she is trained under MMA fighter and Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Josh Barnett.  It is rumored that another member of the “four horsewomen” is also currently being trained somewhere in order to appear in the future inside a WWE ring in some form or fashion.

When asked of Rousey HHH responded with. Ronda is a huge fan who is interested in doing professional wrestling. And if she’s interested in working with the WWE, then he’ll be more than happy to give her the opportunity. “We’re all about personalities. And that is what she brings to the table,”

You can watch the whole video below of the interview with Triple H on ESPN.