Taya Valkerie Impact debut


Taya Lucha royalty as she is known made her long awaited GFW Impact debut this week in which started quite some controversy already. You can see a video of her debut below.


Taya made her elaborate debut in new garb fitting for a queen for her entrance down to ringside. She was there not just to debut but to help lend a hand to Rosemary it seemed in fending off both Sienna and Taryn Terrell from attacking her. When Taya came to ringside and entered the ring she gave the two a few words then turned to Rosemary and laid her out!

The former AAA Reina de Reinas champ made quite an Impact so to speak which left a lot of people wondering not just in the crowd, in the offices as well. Karen Jarrett took to video and left a quick few words about Tayas debut.