Final Piper’s Pit ever? Also possibly last TV appearance of Roddy Piper.


July 31st 2015 was another dark day for Professional Wrestling since the death of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Just as the wrestling world seemed to be re cooperating from that tragic loss, we at Wreslemojo was at the Charlotte NWA Legends Fanfest and heard the tragic news of the death of Rowdy Roddy Piper.
While waiting on line for the Fanfest Hall of Heroes induction the news spread like wildfire so to speak. Many on line crying, sighing, some feeling ill as the news struck many.

Long time Wrestling Fan Jimmy Nance of South Carolina on line with his wife explained it as “loosing a family member”. Also adding “He was one of the major influences to help catapult Wrestling to come to the forefront of America as well as entertainment during that time”.

With everyone finally arriving inside the banquet hall of the Charlotte Hilton for the Hall of Heroes, you can tell the sadness on most faces. The event started with Jim Cornet, whom was the MC for the evening stating while seeming very flustered that Roddy Piper has passed away and tonight will be a remembrance of Roddy as a previous Pipers Pit will be shown later that night in memory of Roddy.
Shown below is what is believed to be the final Pipers Pit before the death of Roddy Piper. July 18th in Joppa MD for Maryland Championship Wrestling. Piper had as guest former Wwe writer Kevin Eck.

Also shown below is possibly the last televised appearance of Roddy Piper before his death, the July 24th Rich Eisen show.

The Wrestling World has lost just about one of its most personable villains, as well as one of its greatest human beings.


Rich Eisen Show