NWA Southeastern Title match Draw



Saturday night in Kingsport, TN, NWA’s Flagship Promotion NWA SmokyMountain with the longest reigning Title holding Champion in Pro Wrestling History in Kincaid with over 4 years straight of Title Defenses had the NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Title up for grabs as Unbreakable Big Michael Elgin wrestled to a draw against its Champion Jason the Gift Kincaid.

Upon inception of the bell both battled back and forth almost hold for hold with the action spilling outside of the ring for both to deliver punishment to one another. in the pictures shown you can see the welts Kincaid has on his chests from the chop exchanges both presented.

Once back inside the ring from what was around 10 minutes of punishment, Kincaid managed to get the upper hand on Elgin. Elgin fought back to position Kincaid into a standing suplex position holding Kincaid for about 33 seconds in which the crowd in attendance counted out loud with Elgin.

As time passed close into the 30 minute time limit period both started to do their high impact and signature moves leaving one another a tired, worn out individual. Neither man would give up the pinfall to the other as the Auditorium came alive from hearing 1 minute left.

Hearing that Elgin slams Kincaid to the canvas and puts him in the Sharpshooter. Kincaid will not give up as Elgin wretches back and forth hard. The bell finally rings and the crowd asks for five more minutes in which Elgin asks for a mic and asks for exactly that, five more minutes. He then speaks on how he came to NWA SmokyMountain knowing he would get a real fight from Kincaid in the NWA and that this is why he hasn’t went on to bigger and better promotions so to speak due to the love for Professional Wrestling as well as getting to put on unbelievable matches with some of the best athletes in the world.

With that said, Kincaid gets a mic in hand and answers Elgins request of five more minutes to a ………NO. Kincaid exists the ring with spiritual advisor Bryan Wayne

All photos used are courtesy via Terry Maples of NWA SmokyMountain.