Wrestlemojo Pro Services are services provided for individuals in the field of Professional Wrestling. Whether you are new to the industry, a seasoned vet, an active or retired legend, just about anyone in the Wrestling field can utilize our services for expansion.

We provide marketing methods to help you reach your fans or targeted audience in several aspects proved effective. It’s not just a Facebook page, although those are ok for what it is or does on a much smaller platform. To seem professional one needs a professional web presence.

Our services assist you to gain the Audience you need to land your monetary goals. As a Professional Wrestler, Manager, Referee or even a Promoter, marketing is important as it lets your fan-base know where to meet you at the next big event.

Use our services as a tool connecting to your fan-base and sell your product publicly.  Simply marketing yourself and your product in a productive manor will elevate the way your public sees you that is more then just a like button or messenger.

So why not “sell” yourself to your fan-base in ways they can stay updated with you.

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Here are the services provided.


Web Design     check out website clipart

Everyone has a website nowadays yes? Yes, this is true but is it functional? Many websites out in the web today have way to much eye candy thus making the site not as functional or loading to slow making the public most likely closing the website.

We create functional yet easy and attractive websites that get your message across. We add just about almost any content you wish on your site, even a store to sell your OWN products. No more will you have to rely on an outside source to sell your merchandise. No more paying outrageous fees to auction sites due to thinking your own website is too costly. No more paying for some other company site to host your goods paying them almost more then the money you receive. We can and will create a site to help you with your promotional goals.

Pricing for website creation is based monthly starting at only $40 a month including the hosting of your created site and its updates. A deposit of $300 is required before website services can begin. Deposit can be split into payments, however, website will not be created until deposit is in its entirety or exceptions are to be made Our best option lets people have their site sooner rather then later. Half the deposit can be paid in which the remaining balance of the deposit can be placed into the regular monthly payments working it off so that the deposit balance become zero. This way your regular monthly website payments will be slightly higher then normal, but only for a short period while your remaining deposit gets paid off.

Q-R Coded postcards     Visual_QR_DO_NOT_RESIZE_BELOW_25mm(1)

Our postcards created for you come alive with audio or video behind it so you can connect better with your public in an “on demand” manor.

The postcard’s design can be created by us via your description sent to us informing what you wish the card design to be. Or, you can supply your own graphic design you created to place on the created QR postcard.

We then take your provided audio and or video that is to be sent to us via email and “wrap” it behind a Q-r code. When people then use their mobile device to open the code they will be directed to the source of your audio or video that was provided, via the destination you directed your audio or video to display on. The amount of postcards you select to have printed will reflect the price of the postcard created service. Card amounts printed are anywhere between 100-5000. For pricing on our QR postcard service send us an email.

Printing Services    manprinting

Whether you have a design or you wish to have us create one for you we will put your chosen design onto print. We can print your graphic onto a selection of post cards, business cards, fliers or just about almost any kind of print that is able to be printed for creation. Our prices are flexible which rival most print shops itself.
Inquire within contacting us via e-mail for our printing rates.

 Payment      dollar-clip-art-K9TRxMqie

It’s pretty simple to use our services (Web design) as it is billed to you every single month. An invoice is set up and sent to your email requesting payment. If payment is not received then services are cut off until payment is then received thus returning services to use. For Printing Services as well as QR postcards, a one time fee is to be paid for the job performed.